"The truth is, your space matters.  It has to." - Ashley

Founded in 2009, Ashley Miller Design is full-service interior design boutique that handles a diverse range of residential and commercial design projects throughout the Southeast, including beach houses on Florida's Gulf Coast, lake houses on Alabama's Lake Martin, and full-home interior designs in both Georgia and Alabama.

Collaboration and Design:

We want our clients to be truly proud of their homes and we do that by developing a vision that is authentically tailored to each individual. Through our unparalleled attention to detail and our thoughtful and creative designs, we educate and communicate with you through comprehensive meetings and presentations. We guide clients by providing them with carefully-selected options, and we show our clients how stepping outside their boundaries can result in a space that is refined, current, and transformative.


Project Management and Implementation:

From the initial design concept phase to completion of the installation, our team works with your architect and to oversee, manage, and implement every part of our clients’ interior design goals. Once a final design has been approved, we work along- side builders and craftsman to ensure plans are correctly implemented, while also diligently working behind the scenes to make sure all of your goods are sourced, fabricated, delivered and installed as planned.